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10 Places in Boston to Hookup

10 Places in Boston to Hookup

Are you one of those people who like hooking up? From swanky hotel lounges down to Southern-influenced music halls, Boston has everything you need if you are looking for a place where you can hookup with your date.

1. Loretta’s Last Call
If you are in great search of a place where you can find comfort food, Loretta’s Last Call is the best place. You are very much aware that Boston is one of the many places, which is obsessed with country right? This is why a lot of people visit here.

2. Strip by Strega
This lace makes an exception to those steakhouses, which are good place to meet people. This has two distinct bars and a space, which feels more than an upscale lounge worthy.

3. Legal Harborside
If you are in search to gaze, this place is near other Seaport staples. This place is more of a good summer hotspot as the outdoor rooftop view enables you to meet people as simple as liking to talk about the weather.

4. Society on High
Society in High is a bar, which is perfect for after-working mingling. This has a curved bar, which stretches across the bar that is a good advantage if you want to scan the people and has a good windows, which offer the place a fresh and natural light.

5. Eastern Standard
This restaurant is just right in the middle of the bopping cross-section of the Fenway, Landsdowne and Kenmore Street. This place is a more sophisticated one combined with the late-night and cocktail food program that makes it easy for people to meet others who are not just looking for beer.

6. Serafina
Serafina is the bar for pals out there who are not look seeking to get crowdy. This place has a mature crowd who want to begin their nights with something different. This place has a bright atmosphere along with pale décor and has open lounge along with tables and couches.

7. Lincoln Tavern
Located just across the street, Lincoln Tavern is a big place, which has two bars. Many of young professionals residing in Southie hit up this place during weekends.

8. Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar
Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar is a bit casual and has coastal vibe, the same with Mexican-California hybrid bar; wood deco and interior, some string lights draped inside the bar and tons of tequila. It’s lively and busting during the weekends thus you are at all times bound to meet many people.

9. Liberty Hotel
This place prides their four bars under one roof: Scampo that has amazing pizza; The Yard, with cocktail tables; Alibi that has a patio; and Liberty Bar with a big open space situated in the lobby.

10. Wink & Nod
This place is perfect for people looking for someone to hookup. The place has amazing ambience and chandeliers, ideal for cocktail hour.

There you have it, the ten best places in Boston to hookup. Save these places and expect to experience a great night.

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